What we provide

MaxPlanet’s Business Process Management Consulting approach is a practical application of architected solutions to meet your business goals and objectives, through Process Architecture, Business Process Modeling and Governance.

Take our Four Step Approach to becoming a process minded Organization through strong Governance.

1. Strategize

Develop a solid strategy on how you are going to meet your business goals, audit and regulatory compliance in an informed, cost effective and sustainable way.

2. Model

Architected Process Models allow easy communication of your Business Processes to all levels of the Organization.

Decomposition from a Functional Level to a SIPOC view to a Cross Functional view.

3. Plan

Plan your approach through a Program of Process Design (PD), Process Engineering (PE), or Technology (IT) Change initiatives.
Project Life Cycle Phases include:

PD – Current / Future State Models
PE – Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control
IT – Systems Development Life Cycle

4. Manage

Business, Technology and Regulatory change impose stress on business operations. Manage that stress with sustainable process models enabling retention of your intellectual capital, faster ramp up on projects and consistency of process language across your Organization.


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